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Kaydon 511_512 Filter Housing

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Inlet Connections
2" NTP
Outlet Connections
2" NTP
Filter Element
Uses any KM, KF, KB and KQD 6" x 18" Element
Materials of Construction
Steel Vessel, Iron Base and Top Cover
Maximum Allowable Working Pressure
500 PSIG at 250 F.
System Guages & Indicators
D.P. Gauge Optional
Code Construction N/A
Performance Up to 99.9% efficient at 4.2 micron, Beta 4.2 = 1,000, rated per ISO 16889, depending on element selection
Applications Lube oil systems, Hydraulic return line circuits, Fluid conditioning, Transformer oil purification, process systems, coolant fluid systems.
Finish Interior - Rust preventative coating/Exterior - Industrial Grade (Kaydon Blue)
Available Options
  • Differential Pressure Indicator
  • Automatic Air Eliminator
  • SAE 4 Bolt Flange Connections
  • By-Pass Valves
  • Call for ordering information.

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