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Kaydon Turbo-TOC Elements

Turbo-TOC® turbine oil purification elements are used exclusively with Turbo-TOC® Turbine Oil Conditioning systems. The KaymaxTM filtration element is designed and constructed with specially formulated, multi-layer micro-fiberglass fibers for exceptional particle retention and extended element life. Patented Kaydon Coalescing TechnologyTM provides unsurpassed water removal technology, and coupled with Kaydon Separator Technology TM, water removal to 100 ppm is acheivable.

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  • Exceptional Particle Removal Efficiency: Efficiency meets or surpasses stated data sheet micron ratings.
  • High Dirt Holding Capacity: Combining specially selected and engineered micro-fiberglass medias with uniform pleating techniques provides a high level of particle collection.
  • Reliable Construction: High quality components are used and elements are constructed using proven manufacuring methods. Longstanding and established filter element designs keep elements functioning in demanding applications.
  • ISO 16889 Tested: KaymaxTM element perfor- mance is proven using the latest ISO Multi-Pass Test Method for Evaluating Hydraulic Oil Filtration Elements.
  • Water Removal Performance: Kaydon Coalesc- ing and Separator Technologies brings water content to less than 100 ppm. Patented process is used in over 2,000 turbine oil conditiong applications.


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