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Velcon VF8 Series

Single and Double Element Housings


  • 150 psi maximum operating pressure
  • Carbon steel construction
  • Positive seal tie-rod cartridge mounting
  • Six types of cartridge media available
  • 2” NPT connections
  • Polyurethane almond powder coated interior & exterior



  • VF81C – a single element housing designed in accordance with the ASME code
  • VF82C – a double element housing designed in accordance with the ASME code.
  • VF82B – a non-code design that holds two cartridges.

VF8 Series vessels accommodate Aquacon® super absorbent or other special purpose filter cartridges.



  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Kerosene
  • Insulating Oil
  • Gear Oil
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Quench Oil
  • Lube Oil
  • Vacuum Pump Oil
  • Coolant Turbine Oil
  • Cutting Oil Cooling Water
  • Synthetic Oil Transformer Oil
  • Gasoline Biodiesel

Velcon Filter Housin Dimensions

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