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Velcon Portable Filter Pump HP Series

Heavy Duty Portable Handcart Filter Pumps Double Capacity: 10 and 30 GPM Versions

Remove Water & Dirt From Oils and Fuels

  • Choice of dirt or combination dirt and free water removal cartridges
  • Two cartridge – double contaminant removal
  • Rugged welded steel construction
  • Large pneumatic wheels for soft surfaces
  • Self-contained, one person operation • Lift ring for easy lifting


Double capacity HP Series Portable Filter Pumps are recommended for oils with higher concentrations of dirt, water and other contaminants. Two models are offered with a choice of 10 and 30 gpm flow rates.

The HP30, thirty-gallons per minute model is the preferred choice at electrical utility installations for transferring and filtering insulating oil. It has been proven to be economical, fast, and efficient for applications of this type involving larger volumes of oil.

The HP Series two-cartridge design filters and holds more than twice as much contaminant as single cartridge units. Several different types of filter cartridges are offered for specific applications. Cartridges can be changed in only a few minutes.

HP Series Filter Pumps are highly portable. Large pneumatic wheels allow the units to be moved over soft and irregular surfaces by one person. Rugged, welded steel construction makes them suitable for operation in the most difficult and demanding industrial environments. Units are completely self-contained and require only electrical power to operate.


Filter Cartridges

Dirt Removal: For dirt particles, use two FO-718PL Series large surface area pleated media cartridges. For colloidal contaminants, two FO-618FGA Series fiberglass depth cartridges are recommended.

Dirt and Water Removal: Use two Aquacon® AC-718 Series free water absorbent cartridges. Each removes 1 to 2 quarts of free water and also filters dirt particles.

Aquacon® Cartridges have a unique inner absorbent media. Absorbed water is chemically locked in. When the cartridges reach their water holding capacity, their accordion pleats swell shut. This causes an increase in the differential pressure which signals the operator to change the cartridges.


  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Transformer Oil
  • Cutting Oil
  • Lube Oil
  • Quench Oil
  • Gear Oil
  • Diesel Fuel
  • Biodiesel Fuel

PLEASE NOTE: Use of Aquacon® or Fiberglass Depth Cartridges with the HP30 (30 gpm) unit should be limited to oils with a viscosity of 100 SSU or less. Transformer and circuit breaker oils are acceptable. This limitation does not apply when using pleated media cartridges. The HP30 unit should only be specified for use on insulating oil with a viscosity of 100 SSU. Please contact Velcon regarding application of the HP30 to other, more viscous fluids.


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