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Kaydon Pressure Oiler 902A


The Model 902A Pressure Feed Oiler is a combination of a metering valve and a flow indicator. It is used forr the distribution and supply of oil under pressure to the points of use, such as bearings and gears. It is particularly useful where several lubrication points are served from the same piping manifold. The oilers can be clustered in easily accessible locations and oil can be piped up to remote or inaccessible points through the discharge tubing.


  • Paper Mills
  • Dryer Bearings
  • Felt Roll Bearings
  • Gears
  • Compressor Bearings
  • Lubrication Systems.


  • Accuracy uncommon to this type of equipment. Tests show repeatability of indications to be within 5%.
  • Indicator ring is visible even in dark oils, as a Teflon band remains in contact with the glass tube.
  • The indication of oil flow rate is not affected by viscosity changes of oil within the specified range, therefore temperature changes of oil will not affect the scale reading. The oil flow ill be directly proportional to the manifold pressure, I.e. with an increase of pressure, the flow through the oiler will increase. The required flow through the oiler can be obtained by adjustment of the needle valve (adjusting screw).
  • Compact design allows the close assembly of the oilers in a cluster.

Maximum pressure drop to obtain full scale readings:

Model 902A-2, 902A-4, 902A-8: 10 PSI

Model 902A-16: 12 PSI

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