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Kaydon Portable Oil Filters K2 and K5

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The K2-1 and K5-1 stationary oil filtration systems from Kaydon Filtration provides versatility in oil filtration with its rugged and compact design. Equipment protection from contaminated oil is supplied in a continuous duty K2-1 or K5-1 oil filtration system. Kaydon Filtration KaymaxTM technology element is offered for particulate removal, and if water removal is desired, a KQD Quick-Drytm element is available.

The K2-1 and K5-1 oil filtration systems support long-term equipment operation and significantly reduces the probability of oil related failures or unscheduled maintenance due to contaminated oil. The K2-1 and K5-1 helps reduce mechanical failures, equipment unavailability, and maintenance costs due to contaminated oil.

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